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Raccoon live wallpaper
Bubble aquarium live wallpaper
Ganja GL live wallpaper
Ganja GL 2 live wallpaper

Raccoon Live Wallpaper

A live wallpaper with Rocky the Tanuki running around. Rocky is a character from a Konami game called Pocky & Rocky that was released on the Super famicom (Nintendo) ages ago :)

This was actually my first Android project and it was great fun to create.

Configurable settings:
Change the behavior when tapped:
* Ignore
* Halt
* Reverse
* Run
* Random

Change the speed 
Toggle frame-skipping
Toggle mushrooms
Toggle grass
Toggle mud patches
Toggle Z-Ordering
Toggle anti alias
Choose number of raccoons
Choose raccoon size
Dutch localization
Move to SD

Compatible devices: all

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Bubble aquarium live wallpaper

Enjoy the tropical fish swimming around while you pop some bubbles. Don't touch the fish or they might try to move away from your finger!

Compatible devices: LDPI & MDPI
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Ganja GL live wallpaper

My first steps in OpenGL programming, this live wallpaper is coded in LibGDX.
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Ganja GL 2 live wallpaper

The new and improved Ganja live wallpaper with configurable settings and themes! Check out the screenshots and movie at the Play Market to see the other themes :)

There are actually 2 versions on the Play Market, one is a fully working preview version with one theme that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase (Also removes adds) and another that is fully working out of the box.
This live wallpaper need to have a 1GHz or better CPU for the best results.

7 Different Ganja images
8 Different backgrounds
5 Different animations
Toggle scanline filter
Toggle silhouette
Toggle smoke
Random place spawning
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